Keto on the Cheap: Week 1 Summary

Although I’m already into week two of my “keto on the cheap” challenge, I thought I’d post a summary of week one.  Overall, I’m thrilled about the way things went!

First, for folks who are numbers folks like me, here are some stats.

  • Highest Weight (May 2017): 290.2lb
  • Challenge Start Weight: 259.4lb
  • Loss in Week 1: 8.2lb

As some of you might remember, I’ve also been tracking my food with Cronometer.  I’ve been doing this for two reasons. First, I want to keep myself honest and avoid carb creep.  Second, I’d like to have numbers to look back on if I have to do some troubleshooting later on (which ALWAYS happens eventually.)

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, I expected to be a lot more hungry over that first week.  I wasn’t though. And as I look back at my data, I think two things were at play there. First, week one happened to coincide with week two of my cycle.  This is typically the time that my eating and weight seem to be least affected by annoying girlie hormones. Second, I did a pretty good job of keeping my macros decently balanced.  I was staying full because I kept my carbs low and I didn’t overdo on the protein. I was pretty happy with that, for sure!

I experienced some of the GI stuff that’s usual for me when I change my eating, and I’m still dealing with some occasional reflux although that seems to be clearing up quicker than is typical for me also.

Overall, week one was surprisingly outstanding for me, and that makes it easier to stay motivated.  Community helps too, so don’t forget to come on over to the Claiming Liberty Discussion Group on Facebook and tell me about your journey.  I’d love to hear from you!

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