New “Blind Lady Anecdotes” Series

In August, I  started writing a book.  I love to write, and I’ve dreamed about writing my own book since I was in middle school.  Until recently though, my problem had been inspiration. I couldn’t think of anything that I thought would interest other folks.

Fast forward to August.  I was sharing one of my humorous “blind lady anecdotes” with friends when it hit me.  I could make a compilation of these stories and publish it for folks to enjoy. After discussing it with family, I decided to start writing.

I have already immortalized a number of these short stories in the cloud for future editing and publication, but yesterday, I got to thinking.  What if I published a few of these stories on my blog? In doing that, I could get some interest going and maintain extra content for other endeavors (like ebooks or a members’ area on my blog.) And with that thought, an idea was born.

On Thursdays, I will share one of my blind lady anecdotes.  I’m not doing this to encourage folks to laugh at blind people.  I’m doing this because I believe keeping things light helps us find a common ground.  It helps folks feel more comfortable about asking questions, and it keeps folks from thinking they have to avoid us because they’re going to say something to offend us.  Everyone who knows me know that I can’t live life taking myself too seriously, because if I do, I’m just unhappy. That’s not helpful at all! I tell my kids all the time that you can laugh or you can cry and laughing’s a heck of a lot more fun! Life’s too short; let’s enjoy it!

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