Episode 7: Going Keto Update for Week 21 and Workout Clothes

In Episode 7 of The Claiming Liberty Podcast, I share my keto update for week 21 and I discuss the shortcomings of workout clothes for fat people.

Listen now to Episode 7 of The Claiming Liberty Podcast!

While the scale has been stubborn over the past month or so, I’m still incredibly pleased with my progress.  It seems that every week, I notice something new, and week 21 was no different.

I decided to get back in the gym this week since my thyroid is doing better and I actually WANT to get in and train.  I noticed that I’m moving more easily than I was last September, and I also noticed that it’s a lot easier to ride a recumbent bike without as much belly chub jiggling in your lap as you pedal.  The struggle is real, folks!

I also share my frustrations with adequate workout apparel.  I’ve decided that I’m on a mission to find the perfect workout clothes for a fat chick who wants to actually work out at the gym.  There’s nothing worse than constantly pulling up your pants and pulling down your shirt during weight training because as much as the experts say they want fat people exercising, they don’t make good clothes for the task.  At least that’s been my experience so far.

I can’t wait to see what the next week holds.  Be sure and visit often to see what I’m up to here at the homestead!

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