Recipe Review: Philly Cheesesteak on Mark’s Daily Apple

Philly Cheesesteak on white plateA few weeks ago, I came across a recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple for Philly Cheesesteak (with Optional Primal Cheddar Cheese Sauce).  I thought the recipe looked like something my family would like, so I saved it.  Tonight, we tried it for the first time, and I thought I’d share my thoughts.

I didn’t follow the recipe precisely.  I didn’t have any bell peppers in the house, and I had red onions on hand instead of the yellow onions called for by the recipe.  And for the meat, I opted to use thick-cut Angus ribeye from Sam’s Club.

First, I’d like to say that the end result tasted amazing! The meat and veg were flavorful like I expected them to be, and the Dijon mustard added a really neat flavor to the cheese sauce.  In fact, I think I’ll make more cheese sauce using that method in the future.  Everyone who tried it really enjoyed the dish.

There were definitely two downsides though.  The steak alone cost almost $30, so it’s not something that we’ll be making very often for financial reasons.  The other downside though was the prep time.  I started working on dinner before 4:00pm and wasn’t able to serve it ’til 5:30.  The most time-consuming part was slicing the steak.  It was definitely worth it with the texture of the end product, but boy did it take a while, and it required pre-planning.

I cooked the steak in my 14″ cast iron skillet, and I cooked the veg in my 8″ cast iron skillet.  I used butter for the onions like the recipe called for, but I used MCT oil with the steak since it has a much higher smoke point than olive oil.  That really worked well.

Over all, the meal was a nice change from our usual suppers, and I’ll definitely make it again, but my husband had it VERY wrong when he said, “So you’ll be making this every week?” (He was joking, of course.)

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