Blind Lady Chronicles?

Because overthinking is the norm for me, my readers have found me all but silent on the blog for far too long. See, I’ve been pondering the direction and scope of The Claiming Liberty Blog, and there’s absolutely something to be said for “paralysis by analysis”.  I am living proof!

Yes, the past year has been abnormally crazy, but rarely has the blog been far from my mind.  I’ve considered a wider scope, a narrower scope, new topics, old topics, videos, reviews, and just about anything else that my readers could imagine seeing here.

After a good bit of thinking, I concluded that the directive to “crap or get off the pot” was particularly appropriate here.  Pondering, worrying, planning, and even conspiring weren’t going to get me readers if I wasn’t actually getting content onto my blog.

I’m here now though, and I’d like to present my readers with an idea followed by a question.

For some strange reason, those of us on the TSPN Zello channel have been joking about producing YouTube videos starring Yours Truly.  These videos would feature me driving different vehicles in different settings, and we all agreed that these videos would probably make a fortune in ad revenue alone.  After all, the thought of a blind lady driving is sort of like a train wreck.  Nobody wants to see it, but if it were caught on film, thousands (or perhaps millions) wouldn’t be able to NOT watch.

Now, to be clear, there are only a very limited set of circumstances in which I could be convinced (or is it coerced) into driving an automobile.  But it did get the gears turning for me.  What if I started a blog/video series that featured me doing pretty mundane things (most of the time) so that I could both entertain and educate folks about what it means to be visually impaired? I’d include all sorts of things from household and homestead chores to stuff that I do for fun.  I’d also like to include videos featuring me learning new skills.

For the folks who know me in real life, this whole concept might seem pretty silly.  There are very few things that I can’t do or are unwilling to try at least once.  But when my husband gets genuine questions like, “You let her use knives?”, it seems like some education done with bad humor thrown in for good measure might be in order.

Now that I’ve shared my idea, here comes my question.  What kinds of things would you guys like to see? Can you help me brainstorm some ideas because I’ve been blind all my life, so everything’s pretty unremarkable from where I’m sitting.  I get that folks have genuine curiosity, and I’m happy to share, educate, and hopefully entertain.

Keep in mind that it’s very difficult to offend me.  There’s no question I won’t answer if someone asks said question with a sincere interest in my answer.  I don’t take kindly to questions that are asked with the sole purpose of shaming or marginalizing.  Fortunately I almost never get those kinds of questions, but when I do, I just ignore them.

So what do you folks think? Any specific tasks you’d like to see? As I said above, I’ve been considering some day-to-day activities along with some that might be a bit more exciting (to all of us).  Feel free to comment here in this blog post or visit me on the Claiming Liberty Facebook page!

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