Two Firsts in One Week After Three Years of Backyard Chickens

I’ve had laying hens here at the homestead for three years now.  In that time, we’ve learned a lot.  Who would have thought that we’d have TWO firsts in one week after all this time though?

Last week, we got our largest egg ever at the homestead — a monster, 100-gram chicken egg.  We had planned to film me cracking that egg to see what was inside it, and I’m glad we decided to wait ’til after our trip to West Virginia because while we were gone, we got another egg to explore.  Apparently while we were gone, one of our chickens laid a “rooster egg”, so I decided to include that one in the video too.

I was somewhat surprised by what we found in the “mega egg”.  I actually expected to find a second, completely formed egg inside the larger egg.  I wasn’t quite sure about the “rooster egg” though.  With it being not much larger than a grape, I guessed that it might not contain a yolk.  What surprised me about that tiny egg though was how easily it cracked.  That why I sound a bit startled in the video.

It just goes to show that after all this time, there are still things to learn.  No matter how much you think you’ve seen, life has a way of surprising you and keeping you on your toes.  To be honest, I like it that way.  It keeps things from getting too boring.

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