Yesterday’s Menu (09/26/11)

I started an iron supplement yesterday.  I’m not certain how long I’ll have to wait to see if it’ll help, but we’ll see.

I’ve also made a decision this morning.  Before writing this post, I didn’t go to the fridge and grab a can of pop.  My caffeine intake has been waning, so we’ll see how close I am to getting rid of it as a daily habit.


  • smoothie made with half a cup of plain, full-fat yogurt, a half cup of frozen berries, 4 T half & half, and some water to thin it out a bit


  • beef smoked sausage
  • 2 pcs string cheese


  • skillet dinner with ground beef, dried mushrooms, dried onions, and stir-fry veggie mix

I did notice after having the smoothie that something didn’t agree with me at all.  I’ve had berries plenty of times, I’ve had half & half plenty of times, and I’ve had plain yogurt plenty of times, but something didn’t work.  I got an almost immediate stuffy nose along with the most horrid heartburn I’ve had in quite a while.  The smoothie didn’t taste that good to risk that again.

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