Today’s Menu (01/18/12)

I started today by taking my daughter to the doctor.  By the end of the day, I’m pretty convinced that I have the same cold she has.  I did manage to do some exercise regardless though.

I thought the day’s eating went pretty well, but I was definitely hungry at lunch and nearly ravenous at dinner.  I’m not worrying about calories or even carbs right now; I’m making low-carb choices and trying to eat real food.  I’m happy with the results thusfar.

I almost didn’t exercise today because I’m feeling poorly, but at the last moment, I decided to start on the One Hundred Push-Ups protocol.  I’m doing “counter” push-ups (instead of wall push-ups) at the highest level.  I’m too weak to do anything else.  I can only eek out one “girl” push-up on the floor, so I’d rather get stronger before I start trying them on the floor.  It’ll be plenty good work for my “cartoon muscles”.


  • mushrooms & onions cooked in olive oil with scrambled eggs
  • blackberries



  • bratwurst with peppers & onions
  • ruby red grapefruit
  • red grapes


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