My N=1 Fasting Experiment: Day 2

Day two of my extended fasting experiment was a lot more challenging than I expected.  It wasn’t horrible.  It wasn’t even bad.  It certainly was challenging though.

Before this experiment, I had two extended fasts under my belt.  One fast lasted for about 55 hours and the second lasted right at 48 hours.  This means that I’ve been through day two three times now, and the third time was definitely the most challenging for me.  Maybe it was because I consumed nothing but peppermint water this time where in the past, I consumed Bulletproof Coffee as needed.  Or maybe it was because my last “meal” before the fast wasn’t that substantial.  Either way, yesterday, I found myself experiencing a lot more hunger and food focus.

I did notice something interesting though.  My daughter cooked an amazing keto meal of eggs with cheese and homemade guacamole.  It smelled so appealing.  Later though when my boys baked brownies, I wasn’t triggered at all.  They didn’t smell good to me, and they didn’t trigger any food focus.  I guess I’ve been keto for so long now that my body knows the difference between food and carbage.

On the morning of day two, my stats looked like this:

  • Weight: 250.6
  • Blood Pressure: 128/85
  • Pulse: 86
  • Blood Glucose: 81 mg/dL
  • Blood Ketones: 3.1 mmol/L

I was happy to see my blood sugar come down yesterday.  My blood pressure was a little higher than usual, but I’m pretty sure I forgot to take my blood pressure meds the previous day.  (I take 5mg of lisinopril daily, and my hope is that once I get my weight down, I’ll be able to do away with that all together.)

I’m very excited to see what day three holds for me!

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