Recipe Review: Low Carb Pumpkin Bread

It’s that time of year where it feels like you can’t walk three feet without seeing pumpkin spice something, right? Well, I happen to like pumpkin and the warm spices of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon that happen to go along with it, so I thought I’d try a low carb pumpkin bread recipe.  It didn’t take much searching before I found something that looked tasty but didn’t look too complicated, so I decided to try some one Sunday afternoon with the help of my daughter.

sliced pumpkin bread on a cooling rackI made “Healthified” Pumpkin Bread from Maria Mind Body Health, and my recipe choice was definitely a winner! I was a little worried that the bread would taste too nutty and gritty since the recipe is based on almond flour, but the texture was smooth and moist like pumpkin bread that was made with wheat flour.

As is the case with almost every recipe I try, I made a few modifications to suit my tastes and ingredients.  First, I didn’t make the glaze.  I just wanted a basic pumpkin bread that I could enjoy with butter.  I’ve never had a glazed pumpkin bread, so it didn’t really sound appealing to me.

The second change I made was a substitution.  I added four teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice instead of the sum of the spices that were in the recipe.  I was afraid that four teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice would be way too much, but it was actually perfect.  In fact, maybe that’s why the nutty taste of the almond flour didn’t shine through.  It worked out well.

Lastly, I used Truvia and liquid sucralose instead of the sweeteners that were recommended in the recipe.  I like a blend of sweeteners to round off the sweet taste.  To us, doing that tastes more like sugar than any one sweetener alone, and none of us react adversely to sucralose, stevia, or erythritol.

As I had hoped, this recipe was delicious spread with warm butter, and everyone in the family loved it.  I intend to make it again but I’ll try making it in some silicone baking cups that I purchased recently from Amazon (review to follow).  Having muffins rather than slices of bread might be a little more convenient for my family.  I’ll add comments to my post with the results of that experiment.

If you’re following a gluten-free or low carb eating plan and you’re looking for pumpkin bread, I can’t recommend this recipe highly enough!

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