Yesterday’s Menu (08/21/11)

Yesterday’s menu was pretty boring, aside from the fact that eating out did NOT agree with me.  It was frustrating too because I picked foods that were unbreaded and unsauced.  No more eating out for me, I guess.  Not for a while, anyway..


  • 2 eggs fried in butter


  • homemade beef skillet meal (beef stew meat seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder, zucchini, bell peppers, banana peppers, green beans, onion, and mushrooms


  • grilled sirloin (too heavily seasoned)
  • Brussels spouts in “butter” (too heavily seasoned and I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t real butter)
  • green beans with a bit of bacon (too salty)
  • sautéed mushrooms (WAY too salty)


  • a small amount of my skillet meal from lunch time
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