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A One-Month Long-Term Food Supply from a Low-Carb Perspective

This is something that I’ve been stewing on for quite a while now.  Since I first heard about the folks that were storing a month’s worth of food or more, I started thinking, “How can I do this without breaking … Continue reading

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Beyond Store-Bought Foods: Including Commercially-Prepared Long-Term Food Storage Items in Your Food Preps

Some dear friends came over to visit on my husband’s birthday.  They don’t have a computer or Internet access, but their preparedness-minded like my husband and me.  After we talked about their garden and their plans for next year, I … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control: Important Preparedness Topics

According to the National Diabetes Education Program website, 25.8 million Americans suffer from diabetes.  Another 79 million Americans, myself included, have pre-diabetes.  Bearing in mind these staggering numbers, chances are that we all know someone whose life is affected by … Continue reading

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