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Liberty Alert: Gov’t ‘Concern’ and Farmers’ Markets

I have to admit that after watching ‘Farmageddon’ this week on YouTube, my view is probably a bit polluted.  So last week when I saw a local news story advertised, I couldn’t help but think, “OK, the reporters are probably … Continue reading

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Rotten Food — Coming to a Table Near You?

While watching the evening news last week, a horrifying story caught my ear.  Indiana State Police had found a food truck carrying meat and produce to Indianapolis area restaurants that wasn’t adequately refrigerated.  In fact, the trooper claimed that the … Continue reading

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Liberty Alert: MI Farmer Faces Destruction of “Feral” Hogs

Mark Baker, a Michigan hog farmer and United States Air Force veteran, faces state-sanctioned extermination of his hogs along with fines, felony charges, and prison time.  According to a declaratory ruling issued by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, Mr. Baker’s … Continue reading

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Local, REAL Food

Last week, I was thinking about my grocery list.  With payday being yesterday, I wanted to have everything in order once the check hit our account so we could resupply the fresh foods that we consume in mass quantities. As … Continue reading

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