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Full Disclosure in Food Labeling

If an eggplant could talk, what would you want it to say? After getting past the creep factor of a talking eggplant, if you’re anything like me, you’d want to know details.  Where was it grown? How was it harvested? … Continue reading

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Liberty Alert: MI Farmer Faces Destruction of “Feral” Hogs

Mark Baker, a Michigan hog farmer and United States Air Force veteran, faces state-sanctioned extermination of his hogs along with fines, felony charges, and prison time.  According to a declaratory ruling issued by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, Mr. Baker’s … Continue reading

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Liberty Alert: Government Continues to Build Case Against Raw Milk

According to a WashingtonTimes.com article, “The federal government said Tuesday that fresh milk is 150 times more dangerous than pasteurized milk . . .” The CDC is trying to scare us, and it’s working.  My fear has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Liberty Alert: Protecting Preschoolers By Feeding Chicken Nuggets?

A couple of years ago, I thought I’d seen it all when I read about children being forbade from bringing home-packed lunches to school.  Boy, was I wrong though.  This little jewel of government-sanctioned insanity has to take the blue … Continue reading

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