Save with Sarah — Kroger Rx Savings Club

Here at the homestead, tax time means that it’s time to take a hard look at the finances.  In doing that, I can usually flesh out some new and interesting ways to save money.  This year has been no different.  In fact, by spending $72 on a Kroger Rx Savings Club membership, I expect to save around $475 this year on prescription medications.

What is the Kroger Rx Savings Club?

The Kroger Rx Savings Club is a discount program powered by GoodRx.  For an annual fee ($36 for an individual and $72 for a family), you get access to significant discounts on hundreds of medications.  Some commonly prescribed medications are even free!

The program is NOT a replacement for insurance, however, in most cases, you can use it alongside your prescription drug coverage to save even more money.  Currently, Fred and I have a high deductible health insurance plan.  We don’t have drug copays; we simply pay the negotiated price to the pharmacy when we get our medications.  With this program though, we were able to pay even less on our meds.  Two of them are now free! Who can argue with free?

The family membership covers up to six members, and interestingly enough, pets are covered too.  I imagine that if I’d had access to something like this last year for my dog, Layla, when she had a horrible bladder infection, the cost of her treatment would have been a lot less.

This program appears to be pretty new.  I don’t have long-term experience with it, so my perspective may change as the year goes on, but so far, I’m a really happy girl, and I think this is going to be another great tool in the toolkit.

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