Going Keto: Update for 01/22/19

After another week of on-plan eating, things are going pretty well.  I dropped another 2.8lb last week, so I’m definitely making progress toward my first goal of getting under 233.8lb.

  • High Weight: 290.2lb in May of 2017
  • Current Weight: 244.6lb
  • First Goal: 233.6lb

I am still having to work proactively at eating on plan.  Yesterday, my son wanted to bake a cake, and I had to tell him that I wasn’t ready for that.  I wasn’t certain that I’d be able to stay out of it if it were here, and honestly, the rest of the family doesn’t need a cake either.  It was an accomplishment to assert my needs though, and I have to keep doing that to get where I need to be.

I’m still struggling with well-rounded meals, but a lot of that has to do with this darned cold that I’ve had since last week.  I’m really done with it, but it doesn’t appear to be done with me.  One of my kids asked me for a hearty vegetable beef stew though, so I made that yesterday, and I had to hide a second serving for today’s lunch because the rest of the family wanted to devour it.  I guess there’s something to be said for that.

This week, I’m continuing to focus on the good choices that keep my eating on plan, and I’m improving meal prep as much as I can while still dealing with my cold.  Slowly but surely, good things are coming of my efforts because what I do matters.

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