Friday Follow-Up: Keto, De-Cluttering, Budget

While this week hasn’t been as productive as I’d hoped, I haven’t been treading water.  I’ve been making steady progress on my current priorities despite the fact that one of my children has tried to share his plague with me.


I’m continuing to eat on plan, and the weight is slowly coming off, but the fact that I’m under the weather has impacted my meal prep.  I’ve been grazing rather than eating complete meals, and that’s something that’s never sustainable for me.  Perhaps I need a nice vegetable stew of some sort.  That usually hits the spot when I’m not feeling well.


My kitchen progress has mostly been maintained, but the dishes are starting to get out of hand again, and I haven’t really made any additional progress since last week.  Again, with me not feeling well, I haven’t really had it in me to get in there and knock out more chores in there.  We’re supposed to have some bad weather this weekend though, so it might be the perfect excuse we need to work on furthering kitchen efficiency.  That’d also make meal prep easier for me even when I’m not really feeling up to it.


This is the line item on which I’ve been pretty fixated this week.  I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy to get us where we want to be with our financial health, and it’s going to take discipline and creativity, but it’ll be so worth it!

My Zello friends have been such a huge help! They’re a great sounding board off which I can bounce all kinds of strategies.  Some of the ideas we flesh out are pretty ridiculous and others are downright brilliant.

While I wasn’t able to cut my internet bill like I’d hoped, we figured out a strategy that’ll save me $35 per month on dog food.  That might not be a big deal for a lot of folks, but to me, it’s huge! I’ve also decided that if I can find a student alto saxophone for less than $400, I can save almost $600 on a rent-to-own contract and knock out another $56 per month that’s leaving the house.  Now, I’m just waiting for all my tax documents so I can put some plans in motion and get this snowball rolling!

Winter Weather

We had a storm here last weekend, and now that we’re finally recovered from it, we’re supposed to get more snow and ice tomorrow.  They keep changing their minds about the storm’s impact for us, but no matter how it goes, I’d rather stay in if I can.

Facebook Discussion Group

The Claiming Liberty Discussion Group on Facebook has gained a few members, but I’d love to see it grow.  If you haven’t already, don’t forget to come join the conversation.  I’d love to hear your feedback about my blog posts and the ways that you all are increasing your liberty each day.  Remember, what we do matters!

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