Going Keto: Update for 01/14/19

My first week back on plan went relatively well.  There were two snags, but I still ended up dropping six pounds this week.  Better yet, my two choices to eat off plan (potatoes both times) didn’t result in my giving up and throwing in the towel, so there’s something positive to be said for that.

In general, last week went the way I had expected it to go.  At first, I struggled with obsessions of foods that wouldn’t further my goals, and then the cravings for salt started.  By Friday, I was feeling pretty settled about my eating choices, but we had to run an errand that involved getting food on the road.  I opted out of fast food when my husband and father-in-law ate because I’d had a late lunch and didn’t like the choices at that particular restaurant.  By the time we got to Chili’s to pick up my daughter from work though, I was really hungry.  Fred ordered dessert since he’d had his supper, and I ordered a bacon burger without the bun and a side salad.  I didn’t skip the fries though, and I justified it to myself by saying, “At least I wasn’t eating grain or dessert,”, but it was really just an excuse.  I wanted to eat off plan, so I did.  I think I could have planned better, but the choice to eat fries was totally mine and I owned it.

Then on Saturday night, I was planning to go home and fix a ribeye for myself.  Fred snagged a shepherd’s pie from Aldi though, and by the time I was hungry, it was starting to call my name.  I should have fixed the steak and called it good, but the rest of Fred’s food was sitting on the counter calling to me, so I decided to eat that instead of the steak.  Again, it was “just potatoes”, but potatoes aren’t a part of my food plan, and I’m really susceptible to the slippery slope of bad food choices.

Overall though, I’m happy with the way that my first week wrapped up.  I still have a lot of good habits to re-establish, but I’m confident that I have this in hand.

  • High Weight: 290.2lb in May 2017
  • Current Weight: 247.4lb on 1/14/19
  • First Goal: 233.6lb
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