Going Keto: Update for 08/24/18 (Week 50)

My week of determination and focus has paid off so far.  I’m getting back into the keto swing of things, and the scale has moved in the right direction!

This morning, the scale was at 245.2 pounds.  That means I’m down 42.4 pounds in 50 weeks, and I can live with that.  I won’t get complacent again though.  Seeing the scale move so quickly has helped motivate me even though I have struggled this week.

It’s hard to get back to being a fat burner.  Cravings, blood sugar swings, and other physical symptoms are no fun.  This’ll all help remind me though that I’ll think long and hard about getting sidetracked.

I think I’m getting really close to a new pant size.  When I got back on track last September, I was wearing 26s that had probably been stretched out to 28s.  Now, my Civil Air Patrol uniform pants are getting too big, and they’re a 22 that I bought in June.  I guess it stands to reason since it looks like I’ve lost at least 8 inches off my hips and 5 inches off my waist.  Wow! I can’t believe that my hips were almost as big around as I am tall!

This week has been a good week, and I’m excited about what’s to come.  I can do this!

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