Episode 9: Going Keto Update for Week 22

In Episode 9 of The Claiming Liberty Podcast, I share my progress in my keto journey over the past week.  I also reflect on changes that I’ve noticed over the past 5 months, and I invite folks to come to the blog and check out my most recent progress photos.

I was telling my daughter that I hate having these pictures taken, but I love to look back and see the changes over time.  If this blind lady can notice the changes, then something must be happening.

Here are my first set of photos that I had taken on September 23, 2017.  I weighed 279.8lb that day.

side view of Sarahfront view of Sarah

Now look at the pictures that my daughter took today.  I’ve lost 22.6lb since those first pictures were taken.  I’ve also lost four inches in my hips, three inches in my waist, and two inches in my bust.  What is most surprising to me though is the difference in my face.  I’m really learning to value these progress photos.

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