Update to Mail Carrier Woes

After all the frustration I shared in a previous post about my postal service woes, I thought it only fair that I post an update.

Apparently, complaints do affect change.  Although we didn’t get an immediate response, much to our surprise, our postmaster sent an email to my husband on December 28 inviting him to call her at his earliest convenience.  I had called the post office earlier that week, and I was told that the postmaster was on vacation, so I had expected no contact until after the new year.

Since I learned about the email after the post office closed, I called the next morning.  The postmaster was the one who answered the phone, and she seemed very pleased to talk with me.  She remained professional, energetic, and motivated to solve our mutual problem.

Long story short, she claimed she needed permission to turn around in the yard.  Our property is such that there’s no way to avoid turning around without using a bit of the green space, and if we’d known that was their concern, we would have addressed it much quicker.  I said that they were absolutely authorized to use the green space if that’s what they needed to do, and she seemed satisfied with that.

She also offered an alternative which we discussed at length.  She suggested a drop box by our mailbox, but I explained that we thought that’d be less safe for the mail carrier since she’d have to get out of her car on the highway to place the packages in said box.  My husband also pointed out that it wouldn’t exactly be possible because there’s a very steep ditch with no level spot to leave such a box.

smiley faceIn the end, it was irrelevant, of course, since they’ll now be bringing packages to the house.  Hopefully, the situation is resolved and we won’t have to fight over our mail anymore.

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