Going Keto: Update for 9/19/17

I’m really happy with my progress since recommitting to a low carb, high fat, moderate protein eating plan back on September 8, 2017.  I’m already feeling so much better even though I’m fighting some sort of bug that the kids brought home.  Some annoying symptoms have gotten a lot better, my blood sugar is stable, and oh yeah, I’ve dropped a little more weight.  I’m a happy girl!

Since my last update, I’ve dropped another 2.4 pounds for a total of 5.4 pounds lost altogether.  As I’ve said before, I’m more worried about getting healthy and less worried about a number on the scale, but since it’s something that I can quantify for folks, I’ll be noting weight changes in these updates.

What has really surprised me though is how quickly I’ve lost my cravings for sugar.  Avoiding things that don’t support my health goals was tough at first as it always is, but now, I feel pretty ambivalent about food.  It’s nice to not have to eat because I’m starving or shaky or cranky, and while I’ve experienced this all before with a low carb eating plan, it snuck up on me this time around.

I still have emotional issues with food for sure.  This past weekend, I was having a moody moment and in an online chat, one of my friends randomly proclaimed, “I want cake!” Before that, I hadn’t been thinking about anything sweet.  In fact, I hadn’t been thinking about food at all.  But when she mentioned it, my brain switched on with some obsessive thoughts.  I had to deconstruct the whole experience logically and remind myself that I really didn’t want cake, but it totally shocked me because the thoughts came out of nowhere with the simple suggestion of cake when I was feeling vulnerable.  I viewed the whole thing as a success in the end, but it was disturbing for sure even though I was in no danger whatsoever of eating cake.

And of course, there’s great news on the acid reflux front.  When I’m eating trash food, I suffer terribly with reflux.  I get sore throats, a hoarse voice, burning in my throat and the worst chest pain ever.  Since going keto though, the only thing that has bothered my reflux has been some big name coffee that I won’t mention here.  Imagine how surprised I was though when I got my Holler Roast Coffee and drank some with no pain.  I was so happy! I know I still have to heal my esophagus, but drinking coffee without burning and chest pain sure was nice!

I have noticed something though that I’ll have to watch carefully.  I seem to be having some allergy symptoms that are associated with food.  It’s too soon to know for sure, especially because I think I’m fighting a virus of some sort, but I had some periods of facial flushing last week after eating.  What was more alarming though was a rash that appeared on the right side of my face.  It started on my cheek with flushing and itching that spread around my eye, over the top of my ear, and on my scalp above my ear.  I took some Zyrtec (which I hadn’t been taking regularly ’til then), and the rash stopped itching within an hour or so.  Unfortunately, all I’d had that morning was some coffee with cream, and I haven’t done another test since then to see if it happens again.  I’m definitely keeping an eye on symptoms and foods though.

Other than that, I don’t think I have anything exciting to report.  I hope to get my daughter to take some pictures soon so I can post them along with my updates.  I hate having my picture taken with a passion, but having a visual record is nice when you’ve made significant progress.

Is there anything else you’d like to see in my blog updates? Comment on this post and I’ll see what I can do for you.  Until then, remember that what you do matters! Go and do good things!

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