Fermenting Feed for the Laying Flock

fermenting corn in a bucketLast Sunday, I started fermenting a batch of corn for my laying flock.  I’ve never fermented feed for livestock, so this has been an entirely new experience for us.  So far, so good though.

This first batch of corn came from my local Rural King.  I wanted the “test run” to cost very little while I got a handle on the process and the needs of my flock.  I guess I was over-thinking it — big surprise — but I had some doubts.

Things seem to be going well though.  I’m certain that the fermentation process will go a little more efficiently once it warms up a bit.  Right now, I have the bucket sitting on my dining room table so my dogs won’t eat it, and that’s fine except for the fact that it rarely gets over 61 there.

Today is the second time that I’ve offered the fermented corn to the chickens.  I gave them two scoops of their layer pellets and two scoops of fermented corn.  Those birds were practically beating down my front door to get the feed, and when I stepped out to place the trough on the ground, one chicken jumped onto the feeder before it hit the ground.  Another chicken ran onto the porch, and boy did she start yelling when I closed the door.  I guess she thought she wasn’t getting any of the good stuff.  It seems like fermented corn has been a success, at least for now.

Now that I’ve experienced the ease of fermenting feed for our birds, I’m certain that I’ll be doing more of it.  I’ll definitely be using some non-GMO grain and feed that I sourced this week though.  I was fine buying a 50lb bag of feed corn to start, but now that I’ve discovered that I don’t have to drive all the way to Central Indiana Orgainics for non-GMO feed and grain, paying a bit more for products from Liberty Feed is ABSOLUTELY worth it to me.

I suspect that I have some particularly happy chickens right now.  Adding fermented feed was easy, and I’m guessing that fodder will be almost as easy.  Then, my hens might actually make it through my front door to get their food though.  I better watch out!

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