If I Wanted to Save America: Comments on Amazing FreeMarketAmerica Video

It’s on days like this that I wish I was doing a podcast.  I’m not sure that a blog post will convey the passion in my heart, but I’m going to give it my all!

First though, if you haven’t seen “If I wanted American to fail” by FreeMarketAmerica, you HAVE to take a few minutes and watch it!

It’s compelling, isn’t it? How does it compel you? Some folks might hear a laundry list of problems for which there are no solutions.  I, on the other hand, hear a blueprint for saving this great country through education, accountability, and personal responsibility.  The solutions are simple, but they’re far from easy.

Instead of those first few powerful words, “If I wanted America to fail — to follow, not lead, to suffer, not prosper, to despair, not dream — I’d start with . . .”, my story would go something like this.  If I wanted to save America, if I wanted us to again lead rather than follow, if I wanted us again to prosper rather than suffer, if I wanted us to dream again and not despair, I’d teach.

I’d teach my family, my friends, my community, anyone who’ll hear me that what we do matters.  I’d teach them that with rights come responsibilities and it’s our responsibility to protect each and every one of those unalienable rights that were endowed by God.

I’d teach folks to grow food, to care for their families and communities, and to turn to those families and communities when times are tough.  I’d teach folks that it’s up to us to solve our own problems rather than turning to folks who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from us and our concerns.

I’d remind folks about our history.  I’d teach them that the founders of this great country weren’t just a bunch of old men who sat around and contemplated life under the guise of creating our freedom.  I’d remind folks that yeah, we’ve screwed up; we’ve made mistakes.  But I’d also remind them that in the shadows of those dark days, we’ve made things right too.

I’d teach children that, while they were endowed with certain rights, they weren’t born entitled to anything their hearts’ desire.  I would teach them that if they want something, they have to work for it rather than insist that their families or their governments provide it for them.  I’d teach them the value of a hard day’s work, the value of a dollar, the value of a job well done, and the value of a man’s word.  I’d teach them to dream.  I’d teach them that the possibilities are almost endless but it’s up to them to claim what God has made possible.

I’d teach folks to be good stewards of our resources.  I wouldn’t bully or frighten them into following some sort of political agenda.  I’d just remind them about simple facts like, “If you don’t spray this poison on your garden, you won’t be contaminating your well,”, or, “You won’t have to fear running out of stuff if you manage it this way rather than that way.” And I certainly wouldn’t scare little kids into turning off the water when they brush their teeth because “they have to save the polar bears”.  I’d simply teach them reality that resources aren’t infinite, and they should take pride in the idea that they’ll be leaving something for their children or grandchildren.

I would empower people to take action when their rights are being eroded.  When we truly understand the value of those rights and resources that so many people died to protect, it’s a little harder to sit idly by and hope that someone else will change things.  It’s harder to think, “I’ll just move someplace else where it’s better because nothing’s going to change here.” I’d remind people that if they want to make those changes, they have to start local.  They have to teach others; they have to empower others.  It’s so much easier to trample on personal liberties if folks are unaware.  If we KNOW what’s happening though, if we feel empowered, if we remember that what we do MATTERS, we can make this country live up to the potential that was gifted it back in the 1700s.

It’s teaching accountability, it’s teaching personal responsibility, it’s teaching the value of personal liberty that will save America.  It’s teaching us not to forget, not to stop dreaming, not to give up hope that’ll be more powerful than any law or any man or any nation.  We CAN save America as long as we never forget that it’s up to US.  Nobody’s going to hand it to us on a platter.  We have to fight for it and protect it.  THAT’S how we save America!

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