Transformation Day 2012: Update for 04/03/12

public domain image of a butterflyStarting week 37 of my Transformation Day 2012 challenge, there isn’t a lot to report.  My weight is up to 249 this morning, but I expected a gain as I recovered more from the flu.  I still have lingering symptoms, but I’m probably back at 95% now.

The weather has been amazing here in Indiana over these past weeks, so that means now that I’m over the flu, I’ll be spending a lot more time outside.  We moved our chickens outside this weekend and we bought five fruit trees that need planting.  This means I’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors.  The health benefits of digging holes, “playing” in the dirt, and getting some sun on my face are too numerous to mention here!

That’s about it for this week’s update.  I had wanted to post a picture with this week’s update, but after spending time outside on Sunday (buying trees, getting the chicks in their coop, etc), I got sunburned, and I wasn’t eager to show my lobster-red skin in a photo.  I need to remember coconut oil before going outside even though we’re just starting April in Indiana!

My progress is slow but steady, and as always, I appreciate the company along the way.  Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

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5 Responses to Transformation Day 2012: Update for 04/03/12

  1. What kind of fruit trees did you get? Last week I planted 3 dwarf cherry trees and 5 blueberry bushes. I’ve spent the past 2 days clearing trees and putting up fence in preparation for the arrival of our pigs.

  2. Sounds like you’re getting some good work done, Sherri. I’ll end up doing a separate post on the fruit trees, but this past weekend, we got 2 apple trees, one plum, one peach, and one cherry. We already have a plum, a cherry, an apple, and a pear on the property. (Actually, we used to have two plum trees, but one had black knot, so Fred cut it down a few weeks ago so it won’t make the other plum and the cherry tree sick.)

    When we bought our homestead, there were more fruit trees (not exactly sure which kind), but we had to have some excavating done, and we lost two fruit trees. Sad stuff, but what can ya do when you need a swale because the land slopes TOWARD your house?

    Oh, and great job prepping for the pigs, BTW. I admire the heck out of folks who’re that brave. :)

  3. I don’t know if it’s brave or crazy LOL! I was inspired by the TSP episode with Darby Simpson. He’s been great about answering my questions.

    • Darby Simpson ( has been so helpful to us as well. He’s the main reason we started chickens this year instead of putting it off.

      When you mentioned pigs, I’d wondered if either Darby Simpson or Shalali Infante ( that offered some inspiration. Shalali’s appearance on TSP really got me thinking about mini cattle on my 3.5 acres. Fun stuff!

      • Oh yeah, the episode with Shalali was another great one. I’ve had dairy goats in the past and the problem with dairy animals is they really tie you down. I have family in another state and we could never go visit them because I had to be home to milk twice a day. At least with pigs you can butcher in the fall and have the winter off. I keep saying I won’t get back into dairy animals again but I have to admit there was an ad on Craigs List last week for some Scottish Highland cattle that was really tempting!

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