The Building of a Dream

photo of our chicken coop

photo courtesy of Fred Wittekind

It took a good bit of the weekend, and it’s still not done, but finally, we have our chicken coop! We ran into some snags, but for now, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have this thing assembled.

I’ll post a play-by-play of the project after I get the timestamps cleaned off the photos that my daughter took.  (Oops!) Suffice it to say, when your chicken coop comes from China, it’s probably not going to go smoothly.  I expected a little trouble, but things were definitely more problematic than I thought they’d be.  When your assembly instructions have just four steps, you know you’re in for a treat.

When we went to Rural King to purchase some wheels (to help make the coop portable), we peeked in on the baby birds.  They’re so cute! We don’t have food yet though, and we haven’t installed some of the final touches (like a heat lamp for the babies.)

Now that we can actually see the space we have to work with, we’re going to have to come up with some different plans for feeding/watering the birds while they’re babies.  I guess I was thinking there’d be more room than there actually is inside the “hen house”, so we’ll likely put their waterer and their feeder in the run (when they’re bigger.) This has all been a learning experience, definitely.

I can’t wait to post more details, but until I have pictures, I’d rather wait.  I didn’t want to wait though to share the fact that it’s assembled and ALMOST ready for baby girls! Go, Hubby (and me, because I helped a little.  Although mostly, I stood around and looked wise.)

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