Transformation Day 2012: Update for 01/30/12

public domain image of a butterflyWeek 27 of my Transformation Day 2012 challenge brought about some more good progress.  Not only did I drop some more weight, but I found a good source for some great local meat and dairy.

After week 27, I’m down to 247.6 pounds.  That’s 31.2 pounds lost in 27 weeks, although I did see a low of 245.8 on Saturday.  I keep saying I’m going to get my husband to take a “during” picture since I never had him take a “before” picture, but I actually need to have him DO it! I was so ashamed of how I looked at almost 279 pounds that I didn’t really want it memorialized in photo form, but of course now that I’ve made some good progress, I’m wishing I had a “before” picture.  I think a “during” picture will suffice though since I still have such a long way to go.

I totally dropped the ball with exercise last week.  I was getting over a horrible cold, and I thought that stressing my body with the exercise on top of healing duty might not be the smartest idea.  I did notice when we went grocery shopping this weekend though that I had better endurance trying to keep up with my husband.  (He’s almost 6’1″ and I’m 5’3.75″ with very short legs, so I’m always running to keep up with him.) I think that tonight, I’ll go back to a nice, easy Leslie Sansone video and see how I do.

On a seemingly unrelated note, we picked up a bag of potting mix on Saturday.  Today marks 12 weeks before the last average spring frost date for my zip code.  According to GrowGuide, I should start broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, head lettuce, onion seed, and parsley this week.  Now, to be honest, I won’t be starting all those plants, but I love the guidance that comes from the info on GrowGuide tables.  It’s so helpful for complete gardening novices like me who’ve never grown a thing in the ground before.  I’ll post photos and updated when I get them going.

This upcoming week promises to be a good one.  I can’t wait to meet you all back here next Monday as I claim my own personal liberty through healthy living and prepping!

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