Yesterday’s Menu (11/01/11)

I was a little hungry at bedtime, hence the snack of almonds.  Interestingly enough, my blood sugar was 89 mg/dL this morning.  It’s possible that it was a fluke, or it’s possible that the “snack” helped things.

The scale was also back down 1.2lb this morning,  From now on, I’m going to make more of a concerted effort to get my calories up around 2000 every day.  I can’t help but wonder if my poor body thinks it’s starving and THAT’s why I feel so lethargic (coupled with my inability to lose weight.)


  • most of a “Muffin in a Minute” with butter (My son stole much less of my muffin this time around.)
  • 4 pieces thick-sliced bacon


  • eye of round
  • steamed broccoli with butter


  • 1 oz roasted almonds with sea salt

According to Fitday:

  • Calories: 1732
  • Fat: 118.6g (60%)
  • Carbs: 29.8g (6%)
  • Fiber: 19.7g
  • Protein: 142.5g (34%)
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1 Response to Yesterday’s Menu (11/01/11)

  1. Melody Layne says:

    I wonder if there’s an easy way to tell if your body thinks its starving and your metabolism is dropping. I’ve been trying to lose weight in much the same way you are– focusing on protein and whole foods, cutting out refined sugar and as much wheat as I can, concerted effort to exercise for an hour at least twice a week (its hard with a toddler), and in two months I’m only down 6 lbs and hovering. I feel like I’m getting enough to eat (as much as before, but I’ve switched lots of my calories from carbs to veggies), but I don’t understand why its not coming off more easily this time.

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