Save with Sarah — Cooking with Cast Iron

Public domain picture of a hand holding a money bagI don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely love my cast iron cookware.  My husband and I received an awesome set for Christmas a few years back, and from that time forward, I was hooked.

Did you ever stop to think though that cooking with cast iron can actually save you money? While one fry pan will definitely cost more in the beginning (if purchased new) than its non-stick-coated counterpart, it’ll end up paying you back many times over in its money savings.

Because cast iron holds heat amazingly well, you can use less fuel to get the job done.  Whether you’re using an electric or gas/LP indoor range or a good, old-fashioned campfire, your food cooks in less time with less fuel.

And what about the water savings? You’re not supposed to use soap on a well-seasoned cast iron pan.  All bet the messiest meals require nothing more than a quick wiping of the pan, and you’re ready to go the next time.

It’s a simple tip, but it’s definitely worth repeating.  If you want great-tasting food and a durable non-stick pan, cook with cast iron and you’ll save money too!.

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