Yesterday’s Menu (08/26/11)

Yesterday was another one of those days where I just didn’t manage to get my food in.  I’m fairly certain that I’m pretty anemic right now.  I feel GREAT, but I’m just so overwhelmingly tired.  (I always struggle with anemia.  I’m going to have to snag some Floradix Iron + Herbs; that’ll help imensely!)

I fixed a really nutritious supper that I intended to eat, but because I ate lunch so late, and because I fell asleep so early, I never got around to eating it.  I ended up having it for breakfast this morning, in fact.  Oh well.


  • 3 fried eggs


  • 3 grilled chicken thighs

I’m not trying not to eat.  It’s just turning out that way because I get distracted and then I’m too tired to eat.  In a few more days, my iron’ll come back a bit though, so I really think that’ll help.

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