My Daughter, Budding Photographer

homestead chickens foragingI’m so proud of my daughter.  She seems to really have an eye for photos, and she’s able to do a lot with her tablet and a simple app.  Maybe I’m biased, and I’ll confess that my opinion probably doesn’t mean much since I’m blind, but I’m comfortable with that.

She’s really having a good time taking pictures of the chickens and other elements of nature.  As a blogger, I’m really going to enjoy her artistic eye.

And on a related note, this phto sparked quite a lively debate on Facebook.

photo of the SunWe were trying to decide what the red dot under the sun was.  We knew it wasn’t a plane; that’s in the upper right.  And we knew it wasn’t the Moon; that was out of the frame to the left.  A couple folks tried to suggest it was lens flare, but that theory wasn’t nearly as fun as some of the others that we discussed.  Every so often, you just need a good distraction.

Encourage your kids, have fun, and keep an open mind.

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