Warmer Temps Inspire Big Ideas

deer netting strung up on white step-in postsNow that the barrier fence is up, I can’t help but think about other outside projects that I’m just itching to get started.  The weather is taunting me, and the wheels are turning for sure!

It seems unseasonably warm for mid March in Indiana.  For me, those warmer temps mean big dreams, big plans, and a sense of urgency to “get stuff DONE!”

Now that the barrier is up, I can get back to planning and doing.  Because of some issues we’re having with one of our dogs and allergies that almost killed him, I’m determined to start rabbits this year.  There’s a huge learning curve for me there, but I’m fortunate in that I have access to a lot of really switched on folks who’ll mentor me.

The kids and I need to clean the chicken coop and get a good compost pile started, and I need to decide what we’re growing outside this year.  Since we’ve excluded the chickens from the back yard, I won’t have to worry about them getting into my garden unless I want them there.  but that garden spot is far away from water.  I’d like to take advantage of my housemate’s green arm though; maybe I’ll just do some little pallet gardens.

I need to get organized, I need to make a plan, and I need to start ticking things off the list.  This is such an exciting time of year, but it’s also a very tricky time of year.  I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of indoor time to ponder my outside projects (which might include the building of an ark.  That’s just the way it does int he spring here in Indiana.)

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