Yesterday’s Menu (10/31/11)

Yesterday’s food was a disaster.  What is it they say about the best intentions and the road to . . . ? I’m not feeling beaten down though.  I’m still putting one foot right in front of the other. :)


  • half of a “Muffin in a Minute” with butter (My son kept stealing bites of it ’til there was barely half left for me.)
  • 4 pieces thick-sliced bacon


  • probably 2 apples worth of dried apples (made at home in my best friend’s Excalibur)
  • around 6 ounces of Provolone cheese


  • about 2/3 of a bratwurst
  • 1/2 serving of Lindt 90% dark chocolate
  • around 2 oz roasted almonds with sea salt

No, I didn’t have Halloween candy.  No, I wasn’t even interested in Halloween candy, BUT — there’s always a “but” — I was still craving cheese, and I didn’t eat the things I’d planned for myself yesterday.  I stuck with the “just wing it” philosophy, and I see how that worked out for me. :) I didn’t get veggies, I couldn’t be trusted to be “alone” with the dried apples, and the scale is reflecting that this morning.  I’m happy to do better today!

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