Yesterday’s Menu (08/25/11)

I haven’t posted a menu in a while.  Yesterday wasn’t anything to be proud of, but I’m posting it for what it’s worth.

We were supposed to have a guy come to the house last night to do a fire safety inspection and try and sell us some stuff, so I’d been working on the house like a mad woman! I ate my breakfast at the computer while working on my blog yesterday morning, and then I didn’t get “lunch” ’til after 3:00pm.  I had a trip to the optomitrist scheduled for 5:30, so we went and did that, and then we grabbed a rotisserie chicken at Wal-Mart before racing home to meet the fire guy.  Turns out, he flaked on us, but I ended up being too tired to put any food into my belly before bed.  What a crazy day!

My weight is down to numbers I haven’t seen in ages though (267 this morning or 11.8lb since 7/25/11), but we’ll see what the “official” number is on Monday.



  • 3 grilled chicken thighs


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